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                                         Confidentiality obligations

1, our commitment to strictly keep all valuable customers, has not been publicly, no matter whether they have been or are take security measures in written, oral or other audio-visual information confidential, including but not limited to both sides or unilaterally signed any agreement (including this pledge), data and other documents (including the agreement, contract, technical data, memos, commitment, letters, E-mail, etc.).The above confidential information also includes all relevant enterprises of the customer,Our company is obliged to keep confidential the customer's confidential information, whether obtained through legal, third party or abnormal means, and shall not disclose or deliver to any third party without the customer's consent.

2. All specifications, drawings, molds, materials, samples and other relevant materials provided by our company to the customer shall be returned to the customer upon termination of the cooperative relationship by both parties and shall not be copied and filed by our company.

3. Our company and its employees shall abide by the client's confidentiality rules and regulations when entering and leaving the client's factory and workshop. Portable storage devices (including digital camera, camera phone, etc.) are strictly prohibited.